Daftar file DLL

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nama file Deskripsi
idl.dll IDL Unduh
i3basedx.dll Unduh
i3basedx_cli.dll Unduh
i3frameworkdx.dll Unduh
i3gfxdx.dll Unduh
i3inputdx.dll Unduh
i3scenedx.dll Unduh
iaccore.dll Unduh
iacenc.dll Indeo® audio software Unduh
iadcore.dll iAd Core Unduh
ialmdev5.dll Component GHAL Driver Unduh
ias.dll Network Policy Server Unduh
iasacct.dll NPS Accounting Provider Unduh
iasads.dll NPS Active Directory Data Store Unduh
iasdatastore.dll NPS Datastore server Unduh
iashlpr.dll NPS Surrogate Component Unduh
iasmigplugin.dll NPS Migration DLL Unduh
iasnap.dll NPS NAP Provider Unduh
iaspolcy.dll NPS Pipeline Unduh
iasrad.dll NPS RADIUS Protocol Component Unduh
iasrecst.dll NPS XML Datastore Access Unduh
iassam.dll NPS NT SAM Provider Unduh
iassdo.dll NPS SDO Component Unduh
iassvcs.dll NPS Services Component Unduh
iastorafsserviceapi.dll Intel(R) Optane(TM) Dynamic Library Unduh
ib_udf.dll Firebird SQL Server Unduh
ibfs32.dll FF IBFS32 V4.03 1/1/11 (IBFS32.DLL) Unduh
ibrowse.dll IBrowse Unduh
ibsprovider.dll DISM IBS Provider Unduh
icaapi.dll DLL Interface to TermDD Device Driver Unduh
icardie.dll Microsoft Information Card IE Helper Unduh
icardres.dll Windows CardSpace Unduh
icccodes.dll Provides ICC signature codes and descriptions for Manufacturer and Model Unduh
icclibdll_x64.dll Unduh
iccoinstall.dll HyperV Integration Components Coinstaller Unduh
iccoinstall2.dll HyperV Integration Components Coinstaller Unduh
iccrd20.dll Unduh
iccvid.dll Cinepak® Codec Unduh
iceutil35.dll Ice Utilities DLL Unduh
icfgnt.dll Internet Connection Wizard Unduh
icfgnt5.dll Internet Connection Wizard Unduh
icfupgd.dll Windows Firewal ICF Settings Upgrade Unduh
icg32.dll Intuit Internet Glue DLL Unduh
ichat.dll Unduh
icm32.dll Microsoft Color Management Module (CMM) Unduh
icmp.dll ICMP DLL Unduh
icmui.dll Microsoft Color Matching System User Interface DLL Unduh
icom32.dll Icom32.dll Unduh
iconcodecservice.dll Converts a PNG part of the icon to a legacy bmp icon Unduh
iconlib.dll Icon Library Unduh