Daftar file DLL

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nama file Deskripsi
rld.dll Unduh
ra32.dll Core Support Library for RealAudio® Unduh
raccd32a.dll Unduh
racengn.dll Reliability analysis metrics calculation engine Unduh
racpldlg.dll Remote Assistance Contact List Unduh
racwmiprov.dll Reliability Metrics WMI Provider Unduh
radardt.dll Microsoft Windows Resource Exhaustion Detector Unduh
radarrs.dll Microsoft Windows Resource Exhaustion Resolver Unduh
radcui.dll RemoteApp and Desktop Connection UI Component Unduh
rads.dll Unduh
ragui32.dll Highlevel Support Library for RealAudio® Unduh
rainbow.dll Helper DLL to open control panel Unduh
rapi.dll ActiveSync RAPI Backward Compatibility Unduh
rapilib.dll RSVP Libary 1.0 DLL Unduh
raptra30.dll RapidTranslation DLL Unduh
rarext.dll WinRAR shell extension Unduh
rarext64.dll WinRAR shell extension Unduh
rasdd.dll Raster Common Printer Driver DLL Unduh
rasadhlp.dll Remote Access AutoDial Helper Unduh
rasapi16.dll Unduh
rasapi32.dll Remote Access API Unduh
rasauto.dll Remote Access AutoDial Manager Unduh
rascfg.dll RAS Configuration Objects Unduh
raschap.dll Remote Access PPP CHAP Unduh
raschapext.dll Windows Extension library for raschap Unduh
rasctrs.dll Windows NT Remote Access Perfmon Counter dll Unduh
rascustom.dll Custom Protocol Engine Unduh
rasddui.dll Raster Common Printer Driver UI DLL Unduh
rasdiag.dll RAS Diagnostics Helper Classes Unduh
rasdlg.dll Remote Access Common Dialog API Unduh
rasgcw.dll RAS Wizard Pages Unduh
rasman.dll Remote Access Connection Manager Unduh
rasmans.dll Remote Access Connection Manager Unduh
rasmbmgr.dll Provides support for the switching of mobility enabled VPN connections if their underlying interface goes down. Unduh
rasmigplugin.dll Microsoft RRAS Server Migration Lib Unduh
rasmm.dll RAS Media Manager Unduh
rasmontr.dll RAS Monitor DLL Unduh
rasmxs.dll Remote Access Device DLL for modems, PADs and switches Unduh
rasplap.dll RAS PLAP Credential Provider Unduh
rasppp.dll Remote Access PPP Unduh
rasqec.dll RAS Quarantine Enforcement Client Unduh
rasrad.dll Remote Access Service NT RADIUS client module Unduh
rassapi.dll Windows NT 4.0 Remote Access Administration DLL Unduh
rasser.dll Remote Access Media DLL for COM ports Unduh
rastapi.dll Remote Access TAPI Compliance Layer Unduh
rastls.dll Remote Access PPP EAPTLS Unduh
rastlsext.dll Windows Extension library for rastls Unduh
razerconfignative.dll Razer Configurator Unduh
rcdll.dll Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler DLL Unduh
rcbdyctl.dll Microsoft Fjärrhjälp Unduh