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Missing dll files on your PC?

Your programs don't run properly? Do you see the error "dll is missing" in front of you? No need to panic because, on the DLL Kit, you will find the necessary solution. Find the DLL-file you need and download it for free. Here is your DLL-file; download it from our site.

Welcome to DLL Kit!

Our website contains thousands of .dll files that are only available on the Internet. Our large collection of .dll files is available for free! At the top there are organized tabs for all free .dll files that you can easily download. Download the files you need without any problems in seconds.

Missing and damaged Windows .dll files cause more than one error. Fixing them all is very easy! Download the file you need from DLL Kit for free and transfer it to the right area.

What are DLL files and what are they used for?

A DLL is a library that keeps the code and all the data needed to run several programs at the same time.

For example, Windows operating systems need the file Comdlg32.dll, which is responsible for common functions with dialog boxes. It turns out that any program uses the functionality of this DLL file to successfully implement an Open dialog box. The process promotes proper memory usage and code reuse.

When problems with the DLL appears?

Any program that uses a DLL file is dependent on it. However, the program may not run because the DLL file is corrupted or missing. Another program that similarly uses that DLL file can overwrite it and break the dependency, which means that the original program stops running.

Why DLL Kit can help you

Are you looking for the DLL file you need? Then visit our site and enter the file name into the search engine on the main page and click the Search button. Also on the DLL Kit site the user can search for the necessary file in alphabetical order. Need more information? Full installation instructions are in the FAQ/Support section.

Free download of the .dll file you need starts by clicking on the file name. Then you get to the download page, where you need to click on the link to download your file. That's it, the download has started!

If you can't find the .dll file you need, don't tune out! Send us a request for the .dll file you need and we will find it and add it to the website database.