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文件名 说明
yacscom.dll Yahoo! Audio Conferencing Control 下载
yacsui.dll Yahoo! Audio Conferencing UI 下载
yalertcenterm.dll Yahoo! Alert Center 下载
yaml.dll 下载
yaudiomgr.dll yaudiomg Dynamic Link Library 下载
yb_key.dll 下载
ycomuiu.dll ycomuiu 动态链接库 下载
ycpfoundation.dll YCPFoundation 下载
ygpappintf.dll YGP Soap Layer 下载
ygppicdownload.dll YGPPicDownload 下载
ygppicedit.dll YGP Picture Editing 下载
ygppicinfo.dll YGP Pic Info 下载
ygpsvc.dll YGP Service Layer 下载
ygpupf.dll YGP UPF Ctrl 下载
ygpupfres.dll YGP UPF Ctrl Resources enUS 下载
ygpwz.dll AOL Member Expression Wizard 下载
ygpwzres.dll AOL Member Expression Wizard Resources enUS 下载
ygxa_2.dll Yahoo Graphics DLL 下载
yimage.dll YImage Module 下载
ylog.dll ylog 下载
yml.dll YML Module 下载
ym11auth.dll YM11AUTH.DLL 下载
ymdm_video.dll ymdm_video 下载
ymmapi.dll YMMAPI Module 下载
ymsdk.dll ymsdk 下载
ymsglite.dll YMSGLite 下载
youtubeextractor.dll YoutubeExtractor 下载
youtubeupload.dll YouTube Uploader 下载
yt.dll Yahoo! Toolbar 下载
yui.dll yui Dynamic Link Library 下载
yule.dll Microsoft Media Player Bonus Visualization Yule Log 下载
yuvlib.dll YUVLib 下载
yvoiceui.dll 下载
ywcupl.dll Webcam Upload Networking and Imaging 下载
ywcvwr.dll Webcam Viewer Networking and Imaging 下载
yzdocklet.dll YzDocklet 下载