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文件名 说明
openldap.dll 下载
opennetstream.dll OpenNetStream 下载
openrl.dll OpenRL™ Library 下载
opensc_pkcs11.dll OpenSC PKCS#11 module 下载
openvr_api.dll 下载
opera.dll Opera Internet Browser 下载
opera_elf.dll 下载
opp.dll OPP 下载
opsetupdll.dll OpSetupDLL 下载
optimfrog.dll OptimFROG Lossless/DualStream DLL Library 下载
optimizegif.dll 下载
optix.1.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine 下载
optix.51.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine 下载
optixu.1.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Utility Library 下载
opus.dll 下载
oraxml18.dll Oracle XML Library 下载
orcsystem.dll Sacred 2 Orc Engine 下载
originclient.dll Origin 下载
ortp.dll Vivox Communications API 下载
ortp_x64.dll Vivox Communications API 下载
osbaseln.dll Service Reporting API 下载
osblprov.dll Service Reporting WMI Provider 下载
oscore.dll Core Services DLL 下载
osd_mlang.dll Resource file of OSD 下载
osetup.dll Office Setup Engine 下载
osetupui.dll Microsoft Office 2016 component 下载
osksupport.dll Microsoft OnScreen Keyboard Support Utilities 下载
osppcext.dll Office Software Protection Platform Client Extension Dll 下载
osprovider.dll DISM OS Services Provider 下载
ossc.dll OSSC 下载
ossim.dll 下载
osuninst.dll Uninstall Interface 下载
ot4xb.dll Open Tools for Xbase++ 下载
otu.dll GOTU Service Access Layer DLL 下载
out_ds.dll Winamp Output Plugin 下载
outex.dll Outlook Exchange User Interface 下载
outlacct.dll Outlook Accounts 下载
outlctl.dll Outlook Controls 下载
outlfltr.dll Outlook Filter Library 下载
outllib.dll Microsoft Outlook 下载
outllibr.dll Outlook Intl Pluggable UI 下载
outlmime.dll Microsoft Outlook MAPI/MIME Converter 下载
outlooklib.dll Outlook Dynamic Link Library 下载
outlph.dll Outlook POP, FAX and MAPI Protocol Handlers 下载
outlrpc.dll Outlook RPC 下载
outlvba.dll Outlook VBA Integration AddIn 下载
outlvbs.dll Outlook VB Script Library 下载
outlwab.dll Outlook Contacts WAB Provider 下载
outlwvw.dll Outlook Web Views 下载
ovbaseif.dll OVBaseIF DLL 下载