DLL files list

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Filename Description
libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll Download
libguide40.dll Intel(R) OMP Runtime Library Download
libhogweed-4.dll Download
libhttpd.dll Apache HTTP Server Core Download
libhwloc-5.dll Download
libiconv.dll LGPLed libiconv for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Windows 95/98/ME Download
libiconv-2.dll LGPLed libiconv for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Windows 95/98/ME Download
libicudt58.dll Download
libicuin.dll ICU I18N DLL Download
libicuuc.dll ICU Common DLL Download
libidn-11.dll Download
libifcoremd.dll Intel(r) Fortran Compiler RTL (threadsafe) Download
libifportmd.dll Intel(r) Fortran portability library (threadsafe) Download
libigattrs.dll Attrs Library DirectX9 Final Download
libigmath.dll Math Library OpenGL Release Download
libigsg.dll Sg Library OpenGL Release Download
libimagequant.dll Download
libimobiledevice.dll Download
libintl-8.dll Download
libintl-9.dll LGPLed libintl for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Windows 95/98/ME Download
libintl3.dll Download
libiomp5md.dll Intel(R) OpenMP* Runtime Library Download
libiomp5ui.dll Intel(R) OpenMP* Runtime Library Message Catalog Download
libisl-15.dll Download
libjcc.dll Jaguar Common Client Library Download
libjpeg.dll Download
libjpegturbo.dll Download
libjutils.dll Jaguar Generic Utilities Download
libkernaldec.dll Download
libkleo.dll Download
liblcms-1.dll Download
liblept168.dll Leptonica C Image Processing Library Download
liblibmpeg2_plugin.dll LibVLC plugin Download
liblinebreak-1.dll Download
liblpcm_plugin.dll LibVLC plugin Download
libltc.dll Download
libltdl-7.dll Download
liblzo2-2.dll Download
libmariadb.dll Dynamic lib for client/server communication Download
libmcrypt.dll Download
libmfxhw32.dll Intel® Media SDK library Download
libmfxsw32.dll Intel® Media SDK library Download
libmingwex-0.dll Download
libmlt++-3.dll Download
libmmd.dll Math Library for Intel(r) Compilers (threadsafe) Download
libmp3lame.dll MP3 Encoder. Download
libmp3lame-0.dll Download
libmp3lame-ttv.dll Download
libmpc-3.dll Download
libmpeg2_ff.dll mpeg2dec DLL built for ffdshow Download