DLL files list

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Filename Description
librcodec.dll TODO: <文件说明> Download
libresample.dll libresample Download
librsvg-2-2.dll Download
librtlsdr.dll Download
libsamplerate-0.dll Download
libsasl.dll CMU SASL API v2 Download
libscefios2.dll Download
libscepad.dll Pad for Windows (DLL) Download
libscepad_x64.dll Download
libsdxole.dll sdxContainer Module Download
libshred.dll Steganos Shredder DLL Download
libsigc-2.0.17.dll The Typesafe Callback Framework for C++ Download
libsndfile.dll Download
libsndfile-1.dll Soundfile Download
libsodium.dll The Sodium crypto library (libsodium) Download
libsoxr.dll Download
libspark.dll Download
libspeex.dll Download
libsqlite3.dll Download
libsqlite3-0.dll Download
libsquish.dll Download
libssl.dll Download
libssh2.dll Download
libssl-1_1.dll OpenSSL library Download
libssl-1_1-x64.dll OpenSSL library Download
libssl-3.dll OpenSSL library Download
libssl-43.dll Download
libssl32.dll Download
libssp-0.dll Download
libstdc++-6.dll Download
libtcmalloc.dll Download
libtesseract302.dll Tesseract OCR library Download
libtheora.dll Download
libtheoraplayer.dll Download
libtidy.dll libtidy.dll Download
libtiff.dll Download
libtiff3.dll Tiff: library and tools for TIFF images Download
libtiff64.dll Download
libtim.dll Tencent.QCloud.Imsdk.Win Download
libtsplayer.dll VLC media player 2.0.5 Download
libtsplayercore.dll VLC media player 2.0.5 Download
libusb-1.0.dll C library for writing portable USB drivers in userspace Download
libusb0.dll libusbwin32 DLL Download
libusbk.dll libusbK(lusbk) USB Library Download
libusbmuxd.dll Download
libusd_ms.dll Download
libut.dll libut Download
libuv.dll Download
libvlc.dll Download
libvlccore.dll Download