DLL files list

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Filename Description
librcodec.dll TODO: <文件说明> Download
libresample.dll Download
librsvg-2-2.dll Download
librtlsdr.dll Download
libsamplerate-0.dll Download
libsasl.dll CMU SASL API v2 Download
libscefios2.dll Download
libscepad.dll Pad for Windows (DLL) Download
libscepad_x64.dll Download
libsdxole.dll sdxContainer Module Download
libshred.dll Steganos Shredder DLL Download
libsigc-2.0.17.dll The Typesafe Callback Framework for C++ Download
libsndfile.dll Download
libsndfile-1.dll Soundfile Download
libsodium.dll The Sodium crypto library (libsodium) Download
libsoxr.dll Download
libspark.dll Download
libspeex.dll Download
libsqlite3.dll Download
libsqlite3-0.dll Download
libsquish.dll Download
libssl.dll Download
libssh2.dll Download
libssl-1_1.dll OpenSSL library Download
libssl-1_1-x64.dll OpenSSL library Download
libssl-3.dll OpenSSL library Download
libssl-43.dll Download
libssl32.dll OpenSSL Shared Library Download
libssp-0.dll Download
libstdc++-6.dll Download
libtcmalloc.dll Download
libtesseract302.dll Tesseract OCR library Download
libtheora.dll Download
libtheoraplayer.dll Download
libtidy.dll libtidy.dll Download
libtiff.dll Download
libtiff3.dll Download
libtiff64.dll Download
libtim.dll Tencent.QCloud.Imsdk.Win Download
libtsplayer.dll VLC media player 2.0.5 Download
libtsplayercore.dll VLC media player 2.0.5 Download
libusb-1.0.dll C library for writing portable USB drivers in userspace Download
libusb0.dll libusbwin32 DLL Download
libusbk.dll libusbK(lusbk) USB Library Download
libusbmuxd.dll Download
libusd_ms.dll Download
libut.dll libut Download
libuv.dll Download
libvlc.dll VLC media player Download
libvlccore.dll VLC media player Download