DLL files list

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Filename Description
websockets.dll Evernote Websockets Library Download
webvw.dll Shell webbvyinnehåll och kontrollbibliotek Download
wecapi.dll Event Collector Configuration API Download
wechatwin.dll WeChat Download
wecsvc.dll Event Collector Service Download
wegame_auth.dll Tencent.WGLogin.wegame_auth Download
wemsal_wmiprovider.dll Windows Embedded App Launcher WMI Provider Download
wep4util.dll Download
wephostsvc.dll WEP Host Service Download
weputil.dll Download
wer.dll Windows Error Reporting DLL Download
werconcpl.dll PRS CPL Download
wercplsupport.dll Problem Reports and Solutions Download
werdiagcontroller.dll WER Diagnostic Controller Download
wersvc.dll Windows Error Reporting Service Download
werui.dll Windows Error Reporting UI DLL Download
wet.dll Windows Easy Transfer Download
wevtapi.dll Eventing Consumption and Configuration API Download
wevtfwd.dll WSManagement Event Forwarding Plugin Download
wevtsvc.dll Event Logging Service Download
wfapigp.dll Windows Firewall GPO Helper dll Download
wfascim.dll Network Management Value Objects Download
wfcrunui.dll Remote Application Runtime Resource DLL (Win32) Download
wfdprov.dll Private WPS provisioning API DLL for WiFi Direct Download
wfdsconmgr.dll WiFi Direct Services Connection Manager RPC client Download
wfhc.dll Windows Firewall Helper Class Download
wfsr.dll Windows Fax and Scan Resources Download
wftocacd.dll Administration Download
wftpctrs2.dll FTP Service Performance Counters Download
wg_dgn.dll wg_dgn DLL Download
whealogr.dll WHEA Troubleshooter Download
whhelper.dll Net shell helper DLL for winHttp Download
wiaaut.dll WIA Automation Layer Download
wiadefui.dll WIA Scanner Default UI Download
wiadss.dll WIA TWAIN compatibility layer Download
wiaextensionhost64.dll WIA Extension Host for thunking APIs from 32bit to 64bit process Download
wiafbdrv.dll Flatbed Scanner Still Image Devices DLL Download
wiarpc.dll Windows Image Acquisition RPC client DLL Download
wiascanprofiles.dll Microsoft Windows ScanProfiles Download
wiascr.dll WIA Scripting Layer Download
wiaservc.dll Still Image Devices Service Download
wiashext.dll Imaging Devices Shell Folder UI Download
wiatrace.dll WIA Tracing Download
wiavideo.dll WIA Video Download
wiavusd.dll USD för WIA videoströmenhet Download
wibucm32.dll CodeMeter Library Download
wibucm64.dll CodeMeter Library Download
wichitafoundation.dll com.adobe.wichitafoundation Download
widevinecdm.dll Widevine Content Decryption Module Download
wifeman.dll Download