DLL files list

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Filename Description
scslib.dll Download
scumliblec_retail.dll Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Download
sdappservices_x64.dll Stardock Application Services Download
sdautoplay.dll Microsoft® Windows Backup AutoPlay Integration Library Download
sdbmworker320u.dll SDBMWorker DLL Download
sdcpl.dll Backup and Restore (Windows 7) Control Panel Download
sddflowid.dll SDDBuildVersion Download
sdengin2.dll Microsoft® Windows Backup Engine Download
sdhcinst.dll Secure Digital Host Controller Class Installer Download
sdiageng.dll Scripted Diagnostics Execution Engine Download
sdiagprv.dll Windows Scripted Diagnostic Provider API Download
sdiagschd.dll Scripted Diagnostics Scheduled Task Download
sdk.dll Zoom Meetings Download
sdkencryptedappticket.dll Download
sdl_image.dll Download
sdl_mixer.dll Download
sdl_net.dll Download
sdl_ttf.dll Download
sdl2.dll SDL Download
sdl2_image.dll SDL_image Download
sdl2_mixer.dll SDL_mixer Download
sdohlp.dll NPS SDO Helper Component Download
sdpblb.dll Microsoft Sdpblb Download
sdpp3260.dll SDP plugin for RealMedia® Download
sdrsvc.dll Microsoft® Windows Backup Service Download
sdshext.dll Microsoft® Windows Backup Shell Extension Download
sdspres.dll Microsoft® Backup & Restore resource library Download
sdupdateext.dll Download
sdw6x.dll SDW6x Download
search.dll Search.dll Download
searchfolder.dll SearchFolder Download
sechost.dll Host for SCM/SDDL/LSA Lookup APIs Download
seclogon.dll Secondary Logon Service DLL Download
secproc.dll Windows Rights Management Desktop Security Processor Download
secproc_isv.dll Windows Rights Management Desktop Security Processor Download
secproc_ssp.dll Windows Rights Management Services Server Security Processor Download
secproc_ssp_isv.dll Windows Rights Management Services Server Security Processor (Preproduction) Download
secur32.dll Security Support Provider Interface Download
secureenginesdk64.dll Download
security.dll Security Support Provider Interface Download
segmatservices.dll Adobe After Effects CC 2018 Download
selfreg.dll Self Registration DLL Download
sendcmsg.dll Skicka konsolmeddelande Download
sendmail.dll Send Mail Download
sens.dll System Event Notification Service (SENS) Download
sensapi.dll SENS Connectivity API DLL Download
senscfg.dll SENS Setup/Setup Tool Download
sensorperformanceevents.dll Sensors Performance Events Download
sensorsalsdriver.dll ACPI ALS Sensor Driver Download
sensorsapi.dll Sensor API Download