DLL files list

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Filename Description
mfcm110u.dll MFC Managed Library Retail Version Download
mfcm120.dll MFC Managed Library Retail Version Download
mfcm120u.dll MFC Managed Library Retail Version Download
mfcm140.dll MFC Managed Library Retail Version Download
mfcm140u.dll MFC Managed Library Retail Version Download
mfcn42d.dll MFCNET Shared Library Debug Version Download
mfco30.dll MFCOLE Shared Library Retail Version Download
mfco42d.dll MFCOLE Shared Library Debug Version Download
mfco42ud.dll MFCOLE Shared Library Debug Version Download
mfcore.dll Media Foundation Core DLL Download
mfcsubs.dll COM+ Download
mfcuia32.dll Microsoft Windows(TM) OLE 2.0 User Interface Support Download
mfds.dll Media Foundation Direct Show wrapper DLL Download
mfdvdec.dll Media Foundation DV Decoder Download
mferror.dll Media Foundation Error DLL Download
mfh264enc.dll Media Foundation H264 Encoder Download
mfheaacdec.dll Microsoft AAC Audio Decoder MFT Download
mfl_u_vc9.dll MFL DLL Download
mfmediaengine.dll Media Foundation Media Engine DLL Download
mfmjpegdec.dll Media Foundation MJPEG Decoder Download
mfmp4srcsnk.dll Media Foundation MPEG4 Source and Sink DLL Download
mfmpeg2srcsnk.dll Media Foundation MPEG2 Source and Sink DLL Download
mfnetcore.dll Media Foundation Net Core DLL Download
mfnetsrc.dll Media Foundation Net Source DLL Download
mfperfhelper.dll MFPerf DLL Download
mfplat.dll Media Foundation Platform DLL Download
mfplay.dll Media Foundation Playback API DLL Download
mfps.dll Media Foundation Proxy DLL Download
mfreadwrite.dll Media Foundation ReadWrite DLL Download
mfsrcsnk.dll Media Foundation Source and Sink DLL Download
mfsvr.dll Media Foundation Simple Video Renderer DLL Download
mftranscode.dll Media Foundation Transcode DLL Download
mfvdsp.dll Windows Media Foundation Video DSP Components Download
mfwmaaec.dll Windows Media Audio AEC for Media Foundation Download
mgapilib.dll OpenFlight API Library Module Download
mgiipl2.dll Download
mgmtapi.dll Microsoft SNMP Manager API (uses WinSNMP) Download
mgsimcommon.dll simcommon Download
mgtdyn.dll MagtekHidMsr Download
mgupdatesupport.dll UpdateSupport Download
mgwhelp.dll MgwHelp library. Download
mhputilu.dll MHPUtil Module Download
mi.dll Management Infrastructure Download
mibincodec.dll Management Infrastructure binary codec component Download
microsoft_vsavb.dll The metadata wrapper for VSA VB Engine Download
microsoft-windows-battery-events.dll MicrosoftWindowsBatteryEvents Resources Download
microsoft-windows-hal-events.dll MicrosoftWindowsHALEvents Resources Download
microsoft-windows-kernel-pnp-events.dll MicrosoftWindowsKernelPnpEvents Resources Download
microsoft-windows-kernel-power-events.dll MicrosoftWindowsKernelPowerEvents Resources Download
microsoft-windows-kernel-processor-power-events.dll MicrosoftWindowsKernelProcessorPowerEvents Resources Download