DLL files list

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Filename Description
acrord32.dll Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Download
acrosup64.dll Acrobat 64 bit Installer Support Download
acrx15.dll acrx15.dll Download
acsetup.dll AutoCAD component Download
acsetupres.dll AutoCAD component Download
acshellextension.dll AutoCAD Dwg common shell extension handler Download
acsignappres.dll AutoCAD component Download
acsignext.dll AutoCAD component Download
acsignextres.dll AutoCAD component Download
acsignicon.dll AutoCAD component Download
acspecfc.dll Windows Compatibility DLL Download
action_x64.dll Action! core Download
actioncenter.dll Security and Maintenance Download
actioncentercpl.dll Security and Maintenance Control Panel Download
actionqueue.dll Unattend Action Queue Generator / Executor Download
activation.dll EA DRM Helper Download
activation64.dll EA DRM Helper Download
activation.x86.dll Solidshield Activation Library Download
active_desktop_render.dll active_desktop_render Download
activecontentwizard.dll Active Content Wizard Download
activeds.dll DLL de la couche de routage AD Download
actxprxy.dll ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library Download
acuevrpresenter64.dll Download
acufutls.dll Download
acui17.dll AutoCAD component Download
acui18res.dll AutoCAD component Download
acuimgtl.dll Download
acutil15.dll acutil15.dll.dll Download
acuvidtl.dll Download
acverfyr.dll Windows Application Verifier DLL Download
acwow64.dll Windows Compatibility for 32bit Apps on Win64 Download
acxtrnal.dll Windows Compatibility DLL Download
ad_anm.dll Download
adammigrate.dll Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services migration plugin Download
adappmgrutil.dll Autodesk Desktop App Download
adapt.dll MSN Money Adaptation DLL Download
adbeape.dll Adobe APE(32 bit) Download
adbepm.dll Adobe PatchMatch Download
adbwinapi.dll Android ADB API Download
adbwinusbapi.dll Android ADB API (WinUsb) Download
adctrlsres.dll ADCTRLSRES DLL Download
addlm.dll Autodesk Download Manager Download
addon2vb.dll Addon2VB Download
addownload.dll Autodesk Download Manager Download
addressbook.dll AddressBook Module Download
adfsmig.dll ADFS Migration Plugin dll Download
adhapi.dll AD harvest sites and subnets API Download
adhsvc.dll AD Harvest Sites and Subnets Service Download
adlmdll.dll Autodesk Adlmdll DLL Download
adlmact.dll Autodesk component Download